Johnathan W. Carroll

Johnathan W. CarrollPlease allow me to introduce myself,
My name is Johnathan W. Carroll a 12 year resident of Tucson, Arizona. I am a registered Republican but consider myself a Libertarian / Constitutionalist. I am an activist so you may see me on a corner supporting Grassroot political activity. I am the founder of “TechSoft Systems“, providing “IT” services to local and remote clients, Founder of “The Free Republic” and the cofounder of “Prevent Common Core“. I have several interests ranging from music and movies to firearms, technology and higher learning. The most significant interests, that spawned my passion and ultimately brought to reality, “Prevent Common Core“, are my fight for Liberty and Freedom, my inexorable thirst for knowledge and most important my love for my family.

The decision to create “Prevent Common Core” was a heartfelt need to preserve our past and brighten our future. As it turns out, this passion was shared with a longtime friend, Mark Hare. We found that the “Common Core Initiative” was nothing more than an unacceptable set of standards that would further drag our great country down. Furthermore, information about Common Core was scarce, propagandized and downright false.

We felt a duty to expose the truth about Common Core. After spending an exorbitant amount of time debating, reading and learning about Common Core, it became increasingly clear that there is a lot of misinformation being absorbed by everyday folks. We found that many people did not know or where purposely misinformed about the “Common Core Initiate“. 

The propaganda presented as the “Common Core Initiative” unfortunately creates some major issues for the public. The misinformation that is being handed out and consumed by Americans is at an all-time high. We finally had enough, and so “Prevent Common Core” was born to help preserve our freedom, liberty and more importantly generations of children to come...

So, here I am, just another American, working to expose the hidden and reveal the truth.

Thank you,
Johnathan W. Carroll

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