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The Contributor (otherwise known as You, Your, User) agree to the following Terms of Agreement ("Terms") set forth by Prevent Common Core ("PPC"). Any content, materials, pictures, art or anything submitted (otherwise known as contribute, contributed) to PPC are herein referred to as ("contributions").

PPC is unable to provide any compensation to the contributor for contributed content. PPC has no employees or contractors and is not an employer and/or contractor.

Security and Account:
As a PPC contributor, you may receive an email address and account to access the PPC site(s) and email server. It is imperative that any password(s) and/or account information be kept safe and free from prying eyes. Any lost or compromised accounts must be reported to PPC immediately in order to minimize potential damage to PPC. PPC email addresses are for use within the PPC community and not for personal use.

You agree and represent that all contributions you submit to PPC are to the best of your knowledge true, accurate, current and complete, and that such contributions do not violate or infringe upon the rights of any third party. You further agree that the contributions submitted may be perpetually used by PPC without limitations.

All content contributed will be credited to the creator of the content. In other words you will get full credit for any contributions made to PPC.

PPC reserves the right to close any account or email unbeknownst to the user for any reason. PPC reserves the right to remove or modify contributions at PPC's discretion. Any contributed content will remain indefinitely with PPC without limitations regardless of the contributors status.

As a contributor, you reserve the right to use submitted content as you deem fit outside of PPC. PPC does not restrict your contributions to only be used on the PPC site. In other words you are free to use your contributions outside of the PPC site.

All contributions are subject to approval by PPC before publication. No edits will be made to the content of a contribution without first consulting with the contributor. Please understand that some editing to contributions is required in order to maintain the look and feel of the PPC site(s). We of course will not edit the content of any contribution without consulting the contributor first. All contributions have to go through an approval process before being published.

The outlined terms are subject to change without notification.

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