Prevent Common Core Upgrades And Migration Are Complete

Thank You

Hello Everyone,
The new Prevent Common Core is up and running. For anyone that did not know, Prevent Common Core (PCC) was undergoing some major systems upgrades. These upgrades went as smoothly as one could expect and are now completed.

The new systems will give us more capabilities and... Continue Reading...


When Mark and I set out to create Prevent Common Core, our goals where simple. We wanted to give everyone the opportunity to see what Common Core is doing to our children since the local and federal government bodies didn’t feel the need to inform us.

Prevent Common Core is ultimately... Continue Reading...

Common Core 101 - The FAQ

The Prevent Common Core FAQ is a Common Core primer as well as answers to frequently asked questions. The FAQ is designed to educate people that are unfamiliar with Common Core (CC) and to give others, that are more familiar, a better understanding of the facts surrounding Common Core. The FAQ is also... Continue Reading...

Common Core Standards Corrupt Our Children's Minds

As I learn more and more about the Common Core Standards and how it has and will be implemented, it brings me to a very dark and confused place as a parent and as a concerned citizen. We now live in a country where believing in God and expressing our religious rights in public... Continue Reading...

Thank You All!

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We want to take this time to thank all of our supporters. It looks like we are starting to achieve one of our goals, which is educating and informing the masses as to the Common Core Initiative. Please take the time to share the information you read if you... Continue Reading...

Community Forums Are Now On-Line

We have created our Prevent Common Core Community Forums for use by anyone that chooses. Please keep in mind that these are public forums that anyone can access.

Make sure to read the Rule and Guidelines before posting on the forums. Join in and help build our community!

The forums can... Continue Reading...

PHD Mom Helping Her Daughter With A Common Core Math Problem

Trying to put into words what our children are being taught is a bit hard so I have a short clip of a child working through a simple addition problem with her mother.

Please note the outcome of the problem when comparing the stacking method to the Common Core method.

For the... Continue Reading...

Welcome to Prevent Common Core

Hello and Welcome,
We would like to welcome everyone to “Prevent Common Core”. Prevent Common Core is dedicated to the complete repeal of the “Common Core Initiative”. If you are interested in supporting or being a part of the Prevent Common Core community or team please let us know by... Continue Reading...