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Public Education Continues to Disappoint

The Common Core State Standards were adopted by most states in 2010, and this change was expected to better prepare students for tougher national exams like the National Assessment of Education Progress (NAEP), better prepare them for college and careers and make kids more competitive internationally.  So after... Continue Reading...

Prevent Common Core Upgrades And Migration Are Complete

Thank You

Hello Everyone,
The new Prevent Common Core is up and running. For anyone that did not know, Prevent Common Core (PCC) was undergoing some major systems upgrades. These upgrades went as smoothly as one could expect and are now completed.

The new systems will give us more capabilities and... Continue Reading...

A Parent's Perspective on Common Core

I am a parent of six and eleven year old boys, and I’ve been researching and educating myself about our government’s corrupt take over of the public school system for many years now. The information I’ve learned over the years proves our government’s objective in our public education system is not education but... Continue Reading...

Lead, and I Will Follow?

Some of my fondest memories are from my school days involving teachers who were not only great leaders, but who were free to teach as they saw fit. In today’s education landscape, however, we are seeing more and more freedom being taken away, and worst of all, we are seeing our... Continue Reading...


When Mark and I set out to create Prevent Common Core, our goals where simple. We wanted to give everyone the opportunity to see what Common Core is doing to our children since the local and federal government bodies didn’t feel the need to inform us.

Prevent Common Core is ultimately... Continue Reading...

Exploitation Of Our Children's Information

A study by Center for Information Technology Information (CITP) shows that 95% of public and private schools are using third party businesses to provide the technology and services needed to obtain student’s information and store that information in a cloud. This collected information includes:

  • Health records
  • Attendance
  • Behavior
  • Height, weight, eye color…etc.
  • Race
  • Test results
  • Real time location while... Continue Reading...

Cup of Coffee now can Data Mine!

Data mining is a huge concern in our educational system. While so many of us, especially here at “Prevent Common Core“, have been fighting the illegal education standards, Washington, D.C. has been busy passing legislation that will make it easier to data mine our students. Of course this is done with our... Continue Reading...

Global Education..straight out of North Carolina

What if I told you that ‘globalization is a reality’? What would you envision by being globalized? What happens to each nation, her people? What about beliefs, education?

According the the Worldview International Program for Educators, not only is globalization a new reality, it also means having a ‘global... Continue Reading...

More Common Core Workforce


This is a follow up article to my original one from late September 2014. Thank you for expressing such an interest in this subject. I’m planning a third article soon. More about that in the closing comments.

Harvard Graduate School of Education and Pearson Foundation:

Back in 2010, the Pearson Foundation (an... Continue Reading...

College Board Adopts Progressives' World View Of Education

The College Board, the private company that produces the SAT test and the various Advanced Placement (AP) exams, has revealed it’s new framework for the AP United States history exam. This framework will effectively force American high schools to teach U.S. history from a leftist perspective. It’s important to... Continue Reading...

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