Common Core 101 – The FAQ

FAQThe Prevent Common Core FAQ is a Common Core primer as well as answers to frequently asked questions. The FAQ is designed to educate people that are unfamiliar with Common Core (CC) and to give others, that are more familiar, a better understanding of the facts surrounding Common Core. The FAQ is also available in an easy to read PDF format that can be downloaded [HERE]

What exactly is Common Core (CC)?

Does Common Core prepare our children for college?

Is there an amendment process for voter/parents to alter Common Core?

Are the Common Core Standards locally controlled?

Do the Common Core Standards improve upon K-12 education?

Is Common Core legal?

Does Common Core remove most of our traditional classic literature?

What is, Informational Text?

Why would Common Core proponents not want students to learn higher math?

Why did almost every state drop their educational standards to adopt Common Core?

Will the Common Core Standards remain as they are today?

Why does the state school board say we're free to change the Common Core Standards?

Will and can the creators of Common Core change the standards without our approval?

Where do proponents get the notion that Common Core will improve education?

Are the Common Core Standards free to us?

Was the federal government “Hands-Off” the states adoption of Common core?

Did the federal government bribe states to adopt Common Core?

Is there any correlation between Common Core and student data mining?

What specifically did the Department of Education do to circumvent privacy of student data?

Is Common Core about making money at the expense of quality education?

Is Common Core respected by higher learning educators?

The Prevent Common Core Objective


What Exactly is Common Core?
FAQ in PDF format
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