What Is Common Core Math All About?

Stop Common CoreIn a previous article “What Exactly Is Common Core?” I went into some detail about what the Common Core Initiative is. In this article I will start to explain the Math Common Core Standards. Rather than go through the standards line by line, I found it a bit more interesting and informative to talk about how and what is being applied in todays class room.

Lets get started.
The content specialist of the math standard was a Ret. Stanford University Math Professor, James Milgram. As noted in my earlier article, he testified against Common Core and also voted NO on the validation of Common Core. James Milgram found the math standards to be severely lacking in challenge and will not ready a student for collage especially in the career path of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).

What does Common Core offer our children? Answer: Not much. In New York, children were given an assignment that grouped them up in threes. The assignment was for each group to come up with a solution to a simple multiplication problem. The problem the groups needed to solve was 6X8. In one of the groups two of the children worked together and came up with the wrong answer while the other had the correct answer of 48. The two children in the group that had the problem wrong passed the assignment but the child that had the correct answer failed the assignment. Why you ask? The MATH assignment was not about math but working as a group to come up with a common answer in which the one student could not do because he knew his answer to be correct.

The above example shows the Common Core methodology used to teach what they call math. I personally find the example to be appalling and extremely confusing for a child to understand. After all the student did, in an effective manner, solve the problem but still failed the assignment. What can be more confusing than this? Answer: Only Common Core

Trying to put into words what our children are being taught is a bit hard so I have a short clip of a child working through a simple addition problem with her mother. Please note the outcome of the problem when comparing the stacking method to the Common Core method. For the record the mother has a PHD and is a math professor but was unable to help her child in Common Core math. You will soon see why.



The above video is a perfect demonstration of what and how our children are taught in math class. Just how effective is this method in the real world? Simply put, its not. Imagine your child in a grocery store with a $20 bill trying to figure out if the items in the shopping cart add up to or more than the 20 dollars available to spend. I don’t know about everyone else but I use the stacking method to quickly add up the cost of the items to ensure that I have enough money to make the purchase. It is simple, effective and just plain works. On top of this, if you are unable to calculate the cost of the items, then the total given by the cashier must be accepted.

Professor Milgram pointed out, that in every high achieving country, algebra starts in 7th grade and on occasion 6th grade. Under “No Child Left Behind” children started algebra in 8th grade but under Common Core, algebra is started in 9th grade. Starting this late will cut out the ability to get higher math in high school, such as pre-calculus.

Imagine what our children are dealing with. There is no consistency within Common Core math solutions as well. This makes it very hard for parents to help their children with homework. Imagine, in one school you draw cubes, squares, lines and dots as in the video above but in another school you have to draw Cows. By the way this actually was being done in a Wisconsin school. The school decided that since they are in the dairy state that cows would be appropriate for adding. Is there any wonder why California has 5th graders that can not add or subtract?

What do you think happens to the high achievers? Can they work ahead? Answer: NO. Standards do not work if you don’t meet them and they equally don’t work if you exceed them. In Orange County, California children’s parents where warned and threatened that their children may not work ahead and if they do, it will not matter. They stated that they will have to work on the same level as everyone else regardless of their preparation or ability to achieve.Warning and Threat to not work ahead

Here is the exact text that the Irving Unified School District in Orange County, California posted on their web site.

Lets start with the warning.

“The links on this page are intended to support the classroom instruction that your child receives from his/her teacher. It is not appropriate to go ahead of the classroom instruction or to use the site to have your child work on math that is intended for use in subsequent grade levels.”

Now lets take a look at the threat,

“Your child’s math instruction and placement will not change as a result of working ahead in these materials.  This means that your child will continue to work in the grade level appropriate math material regardless of any work that is done from these materials and submitted to his/her teacher.

Basically the students, no matter what their preparation or ability to achieve, are not allowed to progress beyond the rest of the class. They have to work at the same level and pace as everyone else without consideration of the students individual preparation or ability. To all the people that have argued that Common Core is a good base/floor standard, your argument has just been debunked. Common Core is the ceiling not the floor.

Here is an interesting statistic. We have lost more gifted and talented programs in the last 2 years than we have in the last 40 years past. Why? Answer: If your child is not allowed to be a high achiever then the programs are not needed. In fact high achievers are not acceptable in Common Core.

Professor Milgram, while talking with Dr. Pesta, pointed out a video and made the following statement,

“This is what Common Core math is about.”

Are you wondering what video he was referring to? Well guess what? I have the video that Professor Milgram was speaking of.


Yes you heard it correctly, the correct answer to a math problem is irrelevant. I have never in my life heard a bigger crock of, well you know what I was going to say. This is not teaching math but rather a method to molding our children into a finely tuned government product. Going back to my story about the child with a $20 bill in the grocery store. Rather than figuring out how much it is going to cost for the groceries in the basket. The Common Core educated child is left to believe what the casher says the price will be. After all, if you don’t agree with the cashier and register than you must be wrong.

What we can expect from our future generation is dismal. With Common Core we can expect high school graduates with nothing more than algebra and no knowledge or skills to pursue a STEM education/career.

My next article will be on the “Common Core Sexuality Education Standards“, be prepared for this article.  The “National Sexuality Education Standard” will get most people in an uproar. There is so much to cover with Common Core that it is going to take several ongoing articles just to get a full understanding of the current standards and even more articles in an effort to keep all the information up to date.

Share with others,

Please share this series of article, we need to work together to stop Common Core. Our plans are to educate and inform as many people as possible, untimely repealing the Common Core Initiative. I personally, being from AZ, plan to petition the state of AZ to remove the Common Core Initiative. We can win this, one person at a time, one school at a time and one state at a time but it will take some effort.

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