Important Questions About Common Core That Need To Be Answered

  1. Why did 70% of NYS students FAIL Common Core testing this year?
  2. What percentages of students are expected to pass Common Core in the next 3 years?  (experts are estimating no more than 15% of “disadvantaged” students will pass when Common Core is fully implemented.)
  3. Why is Common Core being advertised as getting students “college ready” when the college they are referring to is a trade school or 2 year college, not a 4 year college?
  4. Why are special needs students taking the same tests as non-special needs students?
  5. What are the Common Core Standards for children with special needs?
  6. Since a non-profit owns the copyrights to Common Core, who do I, as a parent, go to if I want something changed for my child?
  7. What is my other option if I do not want my child in Common Core?
  8. Why is there no Spanish language test for bi-lingual students who can’t read English?
  9. Why did the Syracuse school district ask parents to sign a waiver to receive their child’s medical record?  Is your child’s school district going to do the same?
  10. Why does Common Core data-mine students and ask questions like: What religion is your family?  What political party is your family?  Is there a gun in your home?  Are you lonely?  Who helps you with homework?  Is there alcohol in your house?  Why do schools need that information?
  11. Why did the only math expert on the Common Core Validation Committee say the Common Core Math Standards will set our students back two grades?
  12. Why have 5 States opted out of Common Core, with 26 more States trying to get out?
  13. What is the school board going to do if they are no longer responsible for education Standards and can make no changes?  What will their purpose be?
  14. Why are teachers not allowed to tell parents anything negative about Common Core, for fear of losing their job?
  15. Why is our Government letting Planned Parenthood design Common Core’s Sexual Education Program?
  16. Why is sexual education, nutrition, and moral values being taught in all subjects?
  17. Why is Common Core taking 50% of traditional reading material out of the curriculum and replacing it with information text?
  18. Why is it the job of the public schools to teach children as young as 5 about anal sex, masturbation, homosexuality and promiscuity?

The above questions are just a sample of the hundreds that can be asked about Common Core. The program is one big mystery to say the least. Please take to time to educate yourself and teach your friends and family.


Mark Hare


I'm a parent of two boys (11 and 6,) and I spend countless hours researching issues on politics, government actions, military affairs, laws, regulations, education, and many other things. I live in Virginia and I enjoy spending time with my family, the outdoors, eating good food, and learning as much as I can. I love this country and I've decided to devote most of my free time to educating other concerned citizens about our corrupt government. Click HERE for more about me. Please visit my blog -

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