What Exactly Is Common Core?

Stop Common CoreCommon Core is an abbreviated term used to refer to the Common Core Initiative.

It is a set of national (Federal) standards for English and Mathematics written and COPYRIGHTED by two left leaning lobbyist groups, National Governors Association (NGA) and the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO).

It is backed and funded by yet another left leaning organization known as the Bill and Malinda Gates Foundation. These standards were adopted sight unseen by 46 states in exchange for Race To The Top money and/or waivers from No Child Left Behind.

It is a set of outcome based federal standards and tests for grades K-12. Common Core eliminates local control over K-12 curriculum in math and English, with the “Next Generation Science” being implemented as I write this.

What is Common CoreIt is a one-size-fits-all, top-down, federally controlled curriculum that will also apply to private schools and homeschoolers. Common core, by design, will dumb down our children and aid in the indoctrination of our children, all starting as early as Kindergarten.


(Science guidelines are forthcoming as the Next Generation Science, which is already being fed into the educational system)

There it is, the “Common Core Initiative” in a nutshell.

Above, I said it will even affect private schools, even schools with Christian values. They were able to achieve this by forcing the standards into the SAT’s and ACT’s along with bribes, not only bribing at the state level but influential organizations such as the National Parent Teacher Association (NPTA) and the National Catholic Educational Association (NCEA). Simple but effective logic is at play here. If the testing, SAT and ACT, revolve around the standards then the schools will have to teach to the standards (Teach The Test) in order for students to be successful while testing.

On a side note and in support of the above paragraph: David Coleman, the man singularly responsible for orchestrating the standards, no sooner than he orchestrated them, rotated off and became the chair of the collage boards. If you have not guessed it, yes he is left leaning to say the least. How convenient this must be, to have the orchestrator re-positioned into another position of influence within our school system.

The Common Core National Standards have been accepted by 46 states. It was written behind closed doors by five men from the NGA (National Governors Association) and CCSSO (Council of Chief State School Officers) and heavily funded, initially to the tune of 1.5 Billion dollars that is currently up to 2.5 Billion dollars, by the Bill and Malinda Gates Foundation.

What experience does the Gates foundation and the NGA have in education? Answer: NONE. What Christian school would adopt this program seeing that it is being funded by the Bill and Malinda Gates Foundation? The only project the Gates Foundation has spent more money on is abortion and population control in Africa. This doesn’t sound very Cristian to me at all. Yet, with the bribes and re-writing of the SAT and ACT, private schools have little to no choice.

To add to the madness, Common core is copyrighted by the NGA and CCSSO. Common Core is transforming our educational systems and is copyrighted by groups of unelected left leaning lobbyist. Just how much say do we Common Core Copyrighthave in changing the Common Core standards? Answer: NONE. Who can be held accountable? Answer: No one. Common core was adopted by the states before it was even written. This reminds me of the progressive windbag statement Pelosi made while ramming ObamaCare through,

“We have to pass the bill so you can, ah, find out what is in it”

In a nutshell, the states where offered stacks of money and waivers from “No Child Left Behind” to accept the federal standards when they became available. The states had nothing to do in the writing of Common Core. In fact the use of the word “State” in the “Common Core State Standards” has as much meaning as the word “Affordable” in the “Affordable Care Act”.

Basically, the states where bribed to adopt a standard that was not even written. Even though waivers where given for “No Child Left Behind”, Common Core is “No Child Left Behind” on steroids and we all know just how bad “No Child Left Behind” was, right? The states accepted an arbitrary, government controlled, one size fits all standard.

In one word, this is socialism or in more detail, it is an outcome based standard that does not take into consideration the child’s home, environment, capacity to learn, preparation or family life. It effectively removes the individual from the educational experience and family, to make them a product of the government.

For example, this is a Common Core assignment given to 3rd graders in Wisconsin.

“Explain how the government is just like the family but better.”

With this one assignment you can see why I stated,

“It effectively removes the individual from the educational experience and family to make them a product of the government.”

Common Core has currently standardized English and Math with Science already being implemented. Are you ready for this? Probably not but here we go. Common Core will also introduce our children to the National Sexuality Education Standards.

The implementation of the “National Sexuality Education Standards” is a bit different and not as straight forward as the other primary subjects. The goal is to teach the Sex ED Standards through the every day curriculum in English, Math, Science, Social Studies, you name it. They will be teaching our children Sex ED through the course material in the primary subjects.

This just out right scares the crap out of me, in fact all of Common Core scares me. The amount of data collection that the federal government will be conducting on our children, home life, parenting and political views is even scarier. They have even devised electronic devices to monitor posture, frustration levels, reactions and much more for aiding in the data collecting. All this data will be stored and given to whomever the government deems fit.

Middle School PosterWe plan to dive into the Sex, Math and English standards in later articles but I want to leave you with a poster displayed in a middle school for all the children to read. What does the poster say, I will tell you what it does not say. It leaves no distinction between any of the listed and supposed sexual acts. It does not state that talking will not cause disease or pregnancy while others will, it effectively lumps them all together as being the same. This is just dangerous in my opinion. At least they could have gotten the spelling correct and not listed talking twice.

We plan on introducing the standards and curriculum for each subject in follow up articles. The next article that I will be releasing will be on the Common Core English Standards.

I leave you with a list of links to do your own research and see what Common Core is all about.

Share with others,

Please share this series of article, we need to work together to stop Common Core. Our plans are to educate and inform as many people as possible, untimely repealing the Common Core Initiative. I personally, being from AZ, plan to petition the state of AZ to remove the Common Core Initiative. We can win this, one person at a time, one school at a time and one state at a time but it will take some effort.

Thank you all.

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5 thoughts on “What Exactly Is Common Core?

  1. Wish people would take the time to learn about common core. Most people have no idea how bad it is for our schools, if they would just take time to realize what it is, they would want no part of it for their children. Everyone please take the time to learn how socialist it is. If you do, you will not want your child to learn any of it. Another way to take our country down. Our kids will have little knowledge, learn very little & grow up uneducated & will have to live off the government & will have to do everything government says. They will not be able to think on their own. DO YOU WANT YOUR CHILD TO GROW UP & BELONG TO A SOCIALIST GOVERNMENT. GATES, CAN”T YOU SPEND YOUR MONEY ON SICK CHILDREN & CHARITIES THAT ARE ACTUALLY LEGAL.

  2. I’m sick and tired of Republicans accepting money to privatize everything possible. Greedy people and corporations can’t stand federal standards anywhere. But too bad: federal standards are always needed because there needs to be a common core on many people’s lives, no matter what state you live in. Public schools are one area. Otherwise, one school can make you dumb and another very smart. Don’t “repeal” Common Core. You can improve federal standards, but they MUST stay federal. That’s why we need Bernie Sanders for President, so we can get rid of this SuperPac/Citizens United crap that keeps corrupting politicians who don’t have the integrity of a Bernie Sanders!

    1. There’s no disputing that our federal government has failed as it pertains to our public school system. Our nation spends more than most countries yet we rank near the bottom when compared to other education systems. This is a huge problem! Why should we keep spewing money at a process that fails repeatedly? Something has to change, but giving our government more ability to control our lives is not the answer to our failed public education system.

  3. What states have adopted Common Core (I’m not very common but special) and were the people of each of those states given the right to vote YES or NO???? Where is a list of these states found? It seems that this socialistic view has also been imposed on child care providers. How can all this be stopped?? Thor

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