Prevent Common Core Upgrades And Migration Are Complete

Thank YouHello Everyone,
The new Prevent Common Core is up and running. For anyone that did not know, Prevent Common Core (PCC) was undergoing some major systems upgrades. These upgrades went as smoothly as one could expect and are now completed.

The new systems will give us more capabilities and the ability to handle more intensive applications and traffic. I hope that our downtime did not cause to much of an inconvenience. We took every step that we could to ensure a minimal amount of downtime and interruption in our services.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to send us your feedback through our contacts page.

Thank you,
Johnathan W. Carroll
Administrator and Co-Founder/Co-Owner
Prevent Common Core


Johnathan Carroll


Please allow me to introduce myself, My name is Johnathan W. Carroll a 12 year resident of Tucson, Arizona. I am a registered Republican but consider myself a Libertarian / Constitutionalist. I am an activist so you may see me on a corner supporting Grassroot political activity. I am the founder of “TechSoft Systems“, providing “IT” services to local and remote clients, Founder of “The Free Republic” and the cofounder of “Prevent Common Core“. I have several interests ranging from music and movies to firearms, technology and higher learning. The most significant interests, that spawned my passion and ultimately brought to reality, “Prevent Common Core“, are my fight for Liberty and Freedom, my inexorable thirst for knowledge and most important my love for my family. Click HERE for more about me.

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