A Parent’s Perspective on Common Core

I am a parent of six and eleven year old boys, and I’ve been researching and educating myself about our government’s corrupt take over of the public school system for many years now. The information I’ve learned over the years proves our government’s objective in our public education system is not education but quite the opposite. This is very disturbing to say the least, since we are talking about how children develop during their childhood and how they see the world as adults.

We live in some very scary times when we see our federal government illegally using billions of taxpayer dollars to bribe our states into an education overhaul that is being used to control curriculum, tests, and more, yet it has never been tested and proven to work anywhere. Of course, our education system wasn’t the greatest prior to 2009, but I’m sure there are many that would agree it was far better than what we are currently seeing with Common Core. I think it’s fair to say that we could have spent those billions of dollars on something that was actually tested and proven to work as opposed to our government forcing a European-style propaganda education experiment on this country’s children, teachers, and parents.

We now have children who are not being taught about the values of cause and effect, family unity, and morals, yet they are being taught how to fail as a group as opposed to learning how and why he/she failed as an individual. Our current education system is essentially giving purple ribbons to all children for participating in the education race we now know as Common Core. Unfortunately, I feel this will cause a massive negative ripple effect on our society for years to come. This country was founded and has successfully grown based on a merit based system, but Common Core and our government’s agendas will change this mentality/history forever!

Our schools won’t allow Christmas trees, but they will allow six-year-old children to learn about masturbation and their body parts. They are also teaching about abortion and all forms of sexuality, STD’s, and contraception to children as young as ten. While this is all being done, there is very little information and teaching about adoption as an alternative to abortion…why? Should children be informed about the above sexual topics? Of course they should, but this is obviously the job of the parent, not the government.


There’s no doubt in my mind the overall agenda of Common Core is population and societal control and creating a propaganda distribution machine within our public schools. With the massive amount of data mining taking place, they are essentially using our children’s thoughts, behaviors, personal data, test results, physical readings, and more to control how they think and respond to one another. They are also selling this data to third parties for their own benefit. I don’t care if you are a parent or not, I would think everyone would be highly disturbed by this. Does this sound like America to you?

This is all about corruption at the highest levels in our government. I believe our society will be affected by this corruption for many years to come, so it’s highly important that everyone learn about the cynical agenda our government has as it pertains to our public school system. A massive educational experiment is taking place and our rights and country’s traditions and history are being threatened.

We will never defeat Common Core unless everyone connects the dots between our government’s agenda and how it pertains to Common Core and the corruption that comes with it!

Please stay in constant communications with your children and never be afraid to question your child’s educational material and how they are being taught. Thanks for supporting Prevent Common Core and please check back for more articles.

Mark Hare


I'm a parent of two boys (11 and 6,) and I spend countless hours researching issues on politics, government actions, military affairs, laws, regulations, education, and many other things. I live in Virginia and I enjoy spending time with my family, the outdoors, eating good food, and learning as much as I can. I love this country and I've decided to devote most of my free time to educating other concerned citizens about our corrupt government. Click HERE for more about me. Please visit my blog - www.HareTheDog.com.

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  1. Excerpted from my Science 2.0 blog:

    A former nuclear weapons designer, son of a Mexican fruit picker mother and a dad who dropped out of high school to serve in the Air Force, I have something to say about Bill Gates Common Core and People’s All Rectal Communist Chinese (PARCC) test. Here’s my Science2.0 blog on PARCC and the Common Core.


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