College Board Adopts Progressives’ World View Of Education

The College Board, the private company that produces the SAT test and the various Advanced Placement (AP) exams, has revealed it’s new framework for the AP United States history exam. This framework will effectively force American high schools to teach U.S. history from a leftist perspective. It’s important to note that the new college board director, David Coleman, was one of the key architects of Common Core (CC,) so it’s no coincidence that he is now the architect of the SAT tests. Here’s Glenn Beck briefly explaining how the new AP course will effect our history –

The origins of the new AP U.S. History framework are closely tied to a movement of left-leaning historians who aim to “internationalize” the teaching of American history. New York University historian Thomas Bender is the leading spokesman for the movement to internationalize the U.S. History curriculum at every educational level. Mr. Bender is a huge critic of American “exceptionalism” and prefers the teaching of ordered liberty and self-government in the world. This is what Stanley Kurtz with the National Online Review had to say about Mr. Bender –

Mr. Bender wants to subordinate American identity to a cosmopolitan, “transnational” sensibility. Bender urges us to see each nation, our own included, as but “a province among the provinces that make up the world.” Whereas the old U.S. history forged a shared national identity by emphasizing America’s distinctiveness, Bender hopes to encourage cosmopolitanism by “internationalizing” the American story. Bender laments that history as taught in our schools has bred an “acceptance of the nation as the dominant form of human solidarity.” The growing focus on gender, race, and ethnicity is welcome, says Bender, but does little to transform an underlying historical narrative built around the nation. Even the rise of world history in the schools has backfired, Bender maintains, by making it appear as though American history and world history are somehow different topics. Bender understands that his transnational twist on American history has profound political implications. He complains that while working on his book (during George W. Bush’s presidency), “a discourse of exceptionalism and policies based on it became omnipresent in American public life.” Bender promises that his transnational framing of American history “will give little comfort” to the proponents of policies based on American exceptionalism. He worries, however, that his globalizing approach to American history might be used to defend precisely the sort of “hegemonic” American foreign-policy he abhors. To prevent this, Bender urges that American history be taught, not only from an American point of view, but from the perspective of those who are subject to American power. “Americans have always found it difficult to imagine themselves as an enemy, as a problem for other people,” says Bender. By showing us ourselves through our enemies’ eyes, Bender hopes to promote humbler and more collaborative forms of American foreign-policy.

To truly understand the deep rooted progressive view into American history, you should read “The LaPietra Report” which was written by 78 historians under the auspices of the Organization of American Historians (OAH) in 2000. Stanley Kurtz had this to say about the report –

A conclave of historians with a left-wing foreign policy agenda, a third of them from foreign countries, seems an odd inspiration for the ostensibly non-partisan College Board’s redesign of the AP U.S. History Exam. Yet that is exactly what the La Pietra conference and its report became.

National Association of Scholars President Peter Wood had this to say –

 “Briefing document on progressive and leftist views of the American past.” The scheme also “weaves together a vaguely Marxist or at least materialist reading of the key events with the whole litany of identity group grievances.”

Larry Krieger, who taught U.S. history for 35 years and written numerous widely popular AP and SAT exam prep books, said he reacted with shock and dismay after reading the new AP course. He also had this to say –

“It’s relentless left wing indoctrination,” he said, calling it “antithetical to everything that I believe about teaching and our country’s history. Leaving aside it’s very leftist bias, it’s a very poorly written, unprofessional document.”

Alex Newman with The New American adds this –

The fact that the authors of the framework remain anonymous has also stirred outrage and speculation. Countless critics suspect the architects behind the scheme have not been publicly identified for nefarious reasons — perhaps, for example, it was authored by some fringe university professors or even graduate students whose identities themselves would discredit the document, and the College Board by extension. Even before the latest scandal over the history indoctrination, Coleman and the once-prestigious educational outfit he leads were already the subject heavy criticism — especially surrounding Common Core and the dumbing down of SAT tests often used for college admissions. Some experts are even predicting that the College Board could begin to fade into irrelevance as it seeks to push radical views, dumb down tests, and foist Common Core on the nation by stealth. Experts say the biggest problem with the new curriculum is its brazen effort to teach “history” through what analysts describe as a “progressive” lens. Instead of focusing on actual U.S. history, for example, critics say the radical new Advanced Placement (AP) history curriculum represents hard-core Marxist indoctrination. Among other concerns, a growing roster of opponents argue that the new scheme hypes and exaggerates real or imagined wrongs while presenting everything in a collectivist mold. Meanwhile, it downplays and ignores virtues and goodness in America’s historical development and its experiments with liberty and self-government. James Madison, another one of the most important founders of America and its constitutional system of self-government, is also missing from the new program. Even the Pilgrims, who escaped persecution in Europe to become the earliest settlers in America, are conspicuously absent from the controversial AP history course. The course outline specifically states that only material covered in the document will be on the test. On the other hand, unless the changes are reversed, millions of impressionable high-school students across America will spend their time learning about Chief Little Turtle, the radical leftist group Students for a Democratic Society, and the Black Panthers, critics pointed out. They will also learn that European settlers (early Americans) ravaged the environment, exploited other peoples, spread diseases, and more. In short, America’s Founders and heroes are presented largely as a plague upon the Earth. Instead of American exceptionalism, meanwhile, students will be taught to view U.S. history from the perspective of some of the most radical “progressives” on the fringe of the fringe. “What you’re going to find is our nation’s founders portrayed as bigots who developed a belief in white superiority that was, in turn, derived from a strong belief in British racial and cultural superiority,” Krieger was quoted as saying in media reports. “It is relentless left-wing indoctrination” and “antithetical to everything that I believe about teaching and our country’s history,” Krieger said. The document is also “unprofessional,” “boring,” and “very poorly written,” he added, saying that under Coleman, dubious Common Core principles were now being applied to U.S. history as well. While the history rewrite began before the deeply polarizing Coleman seized control of the College Board, countless critics have blasted his leadership and linked the history fiasco to his Common Core machinations. The new curriculum also strives to present government expansion beyond constitutional limits from a radical statist perspective, according to analysts. When describing the New Deal, for example, students are expected to learn that the massive federal intervention and anti-constitutional programs were aimed at using government power to “provide relief to the poor” and “stimulate recovery” — a controversial view pushed largely by socialists and discredited Keynesians. The unprecedented advancements in human freedom, religious liberty, individual rights, and more are all glossed over, or even framed as negative. Instead, experts and educators say the curriculum represents a half-baked effort to present America as a racist, imperialistic, and oppressive endeavor. From marginalizing, ignoring, and demonizing the Founding Fathers to touting the alleged benevolence and greatness of anti-constitutional federal machinations, opponents say the new history framework represents an extreme departure from what America is and has been.

The most important point to take from this indoctrination from the progressives of the world is that this manipulation of American history will forever change how our society and the way children view and remember our founding fathers and how America was formed. Why is this so critical for those who are opposed to CC and its teachings? This reforming of our history and the material used for teaching all CC subjects is no accident. The creators of CC and the SAT test courses did this on purpose to force students and parents of public and private school students, and even homeschoolers, to adapt CC if they like it or not. If they don’t, there is a very good chance the students will not get into college, or they will have to settle for a college they don’t like. In the end, this will force all students to conform to CC and its material and testing. This transformation of testing material, the way tests are admitted, and how college SAT’s are passed will take 10-20 years to be implemented, but make no mistake, this is their objective, and nothing will stop them from completing this. This progressive indoctrination and international takeover of our education system and curriculums has been taking place for 20+ years. It’s no accident that the new AP American History course is perfectly aligned with the progressives who wrote “The LaPietra Report.”

Here is a video of  Dr. David Lehman explaining “The History of Progressive Education” – please watch the entire video because it relates our education system with Agenda 21. To understand CC, you have to understand what Agenda 21 is and how it has and will change America forever –

This is a PDF link to the new AP United States History course

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