States Are Rebelling Against Common Core

Four years ago many states had an interest in utilizing shared Common Core tests, but at least 17 including New York, Florida, and Pennsylvania have backed away from using them. Most states are already frustrated by years of a stressed education system and very poor results. Here’s a state by state study by CATO Institute, which shows an existing failed system. Common Core was the federal government’s answer to these problem and has proven to be a very expensive and invasive educational nightmare.  The Heartland Institute, who has been at the forefront of pushing back on Common Core education standards, had this to say –

“Common Core State Standards for K-12 schools were adopted with little public debate by every state but Alaska, Nebraska, Texas, and Virginia in 2010, part of the price of getting federal dollars under the Obama administration’s “Race to the Top” program. Now educators, parents, and policymakers are taking a closer look at what they agreed to, and many don’t like what they see. The program represents a major centralization of control over curriculum, contrary to the American tradition of decentralized control and funding. Instead of being “world class,” the standards represent a significant step back from what experts say are the standards America really needs. No wonder many states are now holding hearings on whether to back out of the Common Core project.”

Joy Pullmann with The Heartland institute wrote a great article called “The Common Core: A Poor Choice For States.” In the article, Ms. Pullmann had this to say –

“States may not change Common Core standards, must adopt all of them at once, and may only add up to an additional 15 percent of requirements. The standards themselves have no clear governance, meaning there is no procedure for states to follow to make changes they feel are necessary. It is highly unlikely individual states would control or greatly influence any such process.”

Alan Caruba with the Heartland Institute had this to say about our states giving up their educational rights and freedoms to the federal government –

“Common Core’s curriculum standards are testimony to why abandoning local control over a community’s or city’s educational program is a very bad idea and why, once again, the federal government has demonstrated why it makes worse virtually any program that should be left to the states. Schools free of such one-size-fits-all thinking educated generations of Americans who made the nation the greatest economic power in the world.”

Now that the lack of educational control and the real motives of Common Core are becoming apparent, more and more states are searching for ways out of Common Core’s federal grasp. This massive revamping of the new educational direction has been coming for many years. Parents, teachers, and state representatives want the same thing and that’s a quality but controllable education system and curriculum. The Common Core Standard arguably has done nothing but the opposite. The corruption from the beginning, on through to the training of the teachers, to the testing forced on the states has proven to be nothing but a nightmare for all involved. As a parent and a researcher, I believe the children are receiving the worst of this political agenda, and that’s just not right! They are being treated like lab rats, and that’s not what this country is all about. Our government, politicians, and a group of very wealthy people have made it their duty to indoctrinate our children and make our national education system a business created by crony capitalism.

The American Principles Project gives us this video which fully explains the problems between the states and The Common Core Standards –


The states have a long battle in front of them, but this is a battle worth fighting. If we as parents and citizens allow this type of federal education control to expand, we will not recognize this country in 20-30 years.



Mark Hare


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2 thoughts on “States Are Rebelling Against Common Core

  1. Mark, the more we know, the worse it is. Some people are afraid to let go of Common Core, saying,
    “but THEN what will we do about education?” I don’t think it is that difficult or complex. Years ago, when I was in school, California was the leader in educational accomplishments. What was so different then? We didn’t have standardized testing. We spent class time learning. We had time outdoors to exercise our bodies so that our brains could take a break now and then.

    Now our educational system is all about tests. The teachers spend the first semester making sure that everything that will be on the tests in the spring is being taught in the fall. It’s all about the tests. Teach to the test until early spring, spend a couple weeks doing review for the tests, a week for testing. And then, once testing is over, teachers breathe a sigh of relief and many don’t teach anymore for the rest of the semester. Just more review and field trips and in-class movies. And then they complain that they don’t have enough time to teach the kids during the year. Take out the standardized tests and what you are left with is better teaching, more individualized instruction, and at least half a semester of added teaching time.

    1. Well said Kelly, I completely agree! They have made it far too complicated and history shows our government isn’t good at truly educating our children.

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